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Just a little FYI about me - I've been in the Karaoke/DJ business in Pittsburgh since July of 1990. This is my job, unlike other "part-time" KJs who DJ illegally or unprofessionally use pirated systems, everything I own is 100% legit, licensed and insured.

I run all of my karaoke shows fairly, while others may allow friends and family to overtake their shows, I have a rotation and weave new singers throughout the rotation to make it fair for the singers who've been waiting, as well as new singers who haven't sung yet. (I do however have the $100 guarantee, if you give the KJ $100 you will be next.) But bribes are not the norm. Karaoke etiquette is fairness - period.

My shows are 100% digital. I do have the capability to change key and/or tempo, just let me know how I can tailor a song to fit your needs. Also, I can play your karaoke CDGs or take vocals out of a regular CD for you.

As host, I don't feel the need to sing every-other song just to stroke my ego. If there are a sufficient amount of singers I don't sing at all. I keep it professional, I can sing anytime I want, therefore I don't need to sing when it's YOUR time to shine. Feel free to browse my site.

Follow me on Facebook because I like to inform clients of updates and new venues, contests and giveaways as well as any cancellations due to Steeler Football or inclement weather. If you have any questions regarding anything on or pricing for an event, please contact me.