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Now you can be a star in front of all your friends and family. Joanie has one of the largest selection of songs for you to sing and can accommodate everything from small venues to large stage performances. Joanie uses studio quality equipment and has multiple systems to ensure the best karaoke experience possible.

Joanie Karaoke is Pittsburgh's premier Karaoke DJ and has been in the DJ/KJ business since 1990. Karaoke is perfect for weddings, anniversary, birthday, graduation and block parties or any special event where you want a fun form of musical entertainment.

For a Sample of my Song Selection you can download this PDF
(right click and save the file to your hard drive)

Joanie recommends these Karaokie sites: for Music, Songs, Machines, Players, and CDs


For Booking Information, please call Joanie at: 412.374.7464 or email me at:

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